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Vibrational energy is everywhere!
Every object, animal, and person have their own vibrations. Flower essences work by raising the vibrational frequency you are vibrating at. Traditionally lower frequencies come from emotions such as fear and pain, and higher ones come from love and joy. Here at Jessica Sherwood Naturopathy, we use these vibrations to help improve health and well-being for our clients.
As you take this essence, the higher vibrations cancel out the lower vibrations. This can be instant or gradually over several weeks, as it takes 3 weeks to form a habit. Flower essences work differently on each person, even if the problems are the same, as each person is individual.
Flower essences are made with water, sunlight, flowers and have been diluted down so that no part of the flower is detectable, making it safe to use with medication and any lifestyle.

General tips about caring for ones’ dosage bottle, and dosage instructions:
Please keep the bottle out of direct sunlight, away from electronics, and in a place that is not subject to extreme temperature changes. Do not let dropper touch anything outside the bottle, if it does, simply rinse underwater.

Take 2-4 drops, 4 times a day. Or alternatively, spike everything you drink, as flower essences work with vibrations, spiking everything you drink increases the potency and makes the dosage bottle last longer. Take the essence for at least 3 weeks.

Unsure of what flower essences are? Have a watch of the interview I did with Heaven’s Ascent to learn more!
Flower Essence interview by Heaven’s Ascent

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