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The Castor Oil Pack is for when you need a new pack but don’t need the bells and whistles! Includes the reusable pack.

The Castor oil pack is a blend of 100% double-layered cotton plus a square in the middle to support an accurate dosage of Castor oil. The outside is waterproof nylon with an elastic band that will wrap around the body and button onto the other side keeping it snug and secure. The pouch is big enough a 500 mL hot water bottle or you may choose to use a wheatie instead. The castor oil pack is reusable and is made to last for up to at least one year.

You do not need to wash your castor oil pack between each use and only need to wash it if it starts smell, gets discoloured, or if you have not used it in a while and would like to use a different essential oil. Either hand wash or gentle machine wash, do not iron, and do not tumble dry.

From our blog “What is Castor Oil and how do you use it in a Castor Oil Pack?”

How to apply a castor oil pack
Pour about 2 tablespoons of castor oil onto the center of the pack, attach elastic around the abdomen, and button at a tightness that is comfortable.

Put warm water (not boiling water) into a hot water bottle and place it inside the pouch (adjusting elastic if needed).

Keep the pack in place for 1-2 hours as required.

The lectins in castor oil absorb into the skin, adding 5 drops of lavender oil helps encourage relaxation.

Caution: do not take castor oil internally. Do not use a castor oil pack when pregnant.

*the pack provided may be slightly different from the photos due to the manufacturing process.


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