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3 Ways to Stimulate Your Lymphatic System!

I’m going to cover my three top cheap and easy tips to stimulate your lymphatic system. But first, let’s have a look at what your lymphatic system is.

Photo of lymphatic system and lymph nodes

The lymphatic system is the process your body uses to take away waste products – these are from chemical reactions that take place in your body, and to fight infection. It is closely aligned with your blood vessels to allow quick passage of these waste products. Along your lymphatic vessels are your lymph nodes, these act as a filtration system, they have a wide opening and a narrow exit, allowing time for your immune system to “take care of” any pathogens or bacteria.

Picture of lymphatic node

These lymph nodes can be felt when you have an infection in your body, as they swell up – this is completely normal! But can be quite painful to deal with.

Sometimes your lymphatic system can slow down, meaning that you don’t effectively deal with an infection, or take longer to deal with an infection.

So here’s my top tips to stimulate your lymphatic system


Since your lymphatic system is closely aligned with your blood system, movement is the quickest way to stimulate it. Standing on the edge of a step and bouncing up and down supports the movement of your lymph system in your legs. Or alternatively use a rebounding trampoline <3


Your lymphatic system needs an exit point, most waste products are disposed of via your kidneys and urine! Increasing your water intake to 2-3L per day will support your lymphatic system and support lymph production.

Dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing helps support your lymphatic system as the brush strokes stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and help “push” it towards its exit point.

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How do you pull it all together?

Start by making each tip one of your small goals (see blog about how to set health goals here). These three tips are easy to do, do not require a lot of money to do, and support your lymphatic system!

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